Update on modifications in CKI debt assistance

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We have not been able to add the registrations ‘debt assistance' (SH) and ‘restructuring loan' (SK) to the client environment on time, so software suppliers and clients can finish their screening processes. We are now expecting that these registrations will be added in early November. We are also making good progress with the conversion.

Our time line currently looks as follows:

  • 1 February 2022: new registrations are recorded as either ‘debt assistance' (SH) or ‘restructuring loan' (SK). From that date, it will no longer be possible to enter a registration as ‘SR’. Maintenance of existing SR registrations will still be possible, including deregistrations and reporting of payment arrears.
  • Mid February 2022: BKR will convert all existing SR registrations into either debt assistance (SH) or restructuring loan (SK). The migration period will be communicated in due course. Clients can request the results of the conversion in a screening process. SR registrations without amounts will be converted into debt assistance (SH) and SR registrations with amounts will be converted into restructuring loan (SK).

After the conversion, there will no longer be any SR registrations in the CKI. Agreements still under the retention period will be converted as well. This means clients should temporarily be able to receive all three types of codes.

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