Technical Update June 2022


CKI: Country code added to Screening

Screening is an important tool for credit providers (lenders) to check the accuracy and completeness of the records in the loan register. Several clients have indicated that the screening files do not include country codes, making it difficult to submit correction reports with regard to a screening. BKR is committed to providing high quality records, which is why we have added country codes to our screening files. We expect that from the end of July, it will be possible to request a screening including a country code. In light of this modification, you might want to request your annual screening after July.

CKI: Starred items delivered

On 5 June, the first files of starred items were delivered. These files contain the most recent starred items, i.e. the agreements whose expected maturity (theoretical final redemption date) will expire within 28 days. A total of more than 200 clients have received the file of starred items, enabling them to check specifically whether the details are still up to date and adjust them where necessary. BKR will make a new up-to-date file of starred items available from the 5th of every month. Until recently, these starred items were invoiced right away, but that is changing – invoicing will from now on only be done if any starred items are still outstanding after two months.

CKI: Transition to API Management

We have noticed that many clients have implemented the new connection via API Management - the system we use for sending secured messages. A growing part of the messages traffic with these clients is now running through API Management. We are confident that all clients will have implemented the new connection via API Management by the end of November 2022, enabling them to cancel the routers in December 2022.

VPS: The column Already reported debts has been replaced by Recidive

In the VPS, an individual who has already had an early alert is listed in the Recidive column. The term Already reported will no longer be used. The VPS shows the number of times that the recidive has occurred at the address in question. Clicking on the figure shown will take you to a screen listing all alerts for that same address, including further details.

VPS: improved view for names of streets and towns

VPS no longer shows the names of streets in capital letters. Names of towns, however, will be shown in capital letters. For example:
• Name of the street: C. JOH. KIEVIETLAAN, will be shown as C. Joh. Kievietlaan.
• Town: Nieuwegein, will be shown as NIEUWEGEIN.

VPS: Viewing contact details and adding details to old alerts

From today, contact details for old alerts can be viewed in the VPS. Contact details can also be added to old alerts.

VIS: BKR net closing with effect from 1 July 2022

On 1 July, we will be closing down the VIS webservice via the BKR network. From that date, a system-to-system VIS test can only be carried out via our new digital access system, the Identity and Access Management System. VIS tests via the portal for corporate clients will continue to work in the same manner.

KYC: portfolio screening available soon

From August, KYC portfolio screening will be available. Portfolio screening enables you to upload a client file in the portal for corporate clients. By making a screening profile of yourself, you determine which registers (PEP, Sanction and Insolvency) you want to check. As a result, you will receive a processing report showing the individuals or entities for which a match was found in this portfolio. You will also get a management report with a summary of the processing. We will provide more information on this in our next newsletter.

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