Threshold amount for signals in VPS

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Municipalities can have a threshold amount entered for signals. We can adjust this amount in VPS. This option enables the blocking of signals with very low amounts; these amounts should be processed via social debt collection procedures. Signals blocked in this manner do not appear in the municipality’s records.

A lender who sends a signal that is below the municipality's threshold amount will get the following report upon delivery of the signal:
• Dutch: ‘Bedrag achterstand (veldwaarde) is te laag, minimale bedrag is (minimale bedrag afnemer)’.
• English: ‘Amount debt overdue (veldwaarde) is too low, minimum amount is (minimale bedrag afnemer)’.

If you are a municipality that wants to make use of this option, please contact us via or at 088-150 2600 (Monday - Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm).

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