Technical Update October 2021


Handling errors when sending data from lenders to BKR

Data provided for the debt registration system (VPS) are checked several times. Errors found are reported back. When this happens, the entire batch of data may be rejected, or a single signal is given. Previously, we only had Error reports and Warnings. Given that several lenders will be connected to our System-To-System, a more accurate division has been made. Now a Fatal, an Error or a Warning can be reported back.

Downloading postal codes and postal code ranges for lenders

As from the upcoming release of the VPS, lenders will be able to use the portal for corporate clients to download all postal code areas for which signals are reported. Lenders can generate reports with postal code ranges (1100AA to 1111AA) or individual postal codes (1100AA, 1100AA) via the menu: VPS - Reports - Supplier postal code report. The file is regenerated at every download, so it is always up-to-date.

Sending letters from ''VPS Enkelvoudige signalen''

From now, users can create letters in the VPS via the page ''Enkelvoudige signalen''. If a municipality wants to use this option, it will first need to provide us with the required templates. When the templates have been activated, the municipality will be able to create letters based on the templates directly in the VPS. An explanation of how this works can be found in chapter 5.2 of the updated VPS manual on the portal for corporate clients.

Adjusting CKI registrations due to the childcare benefit scandal

Adjustments that need to be made to registrations in the central credit information system (CKI) due to the childcare benefit scandal are progressing slowly. To monitor progress made, please select option 3 (at the client's request) as the reason for removal of the particularities (modification #11) or the agreements (modification #22). For users of the portal for corporate clients, BKR is planning a change to show that this is optional. Please consult the guidance document published on our portal for corporate clients, for more specific information.

APIM in the CKI screening environment

BKR is working on a new ‘front door’ for the CKI via API Management (APIM). The first version will probably be available in the D environment in the first week of November. We expect to have a fully operational version in December, so clients can start migrating from the BKR net connection to APIM as from 2022. Technical information about the connection will be provided on the portal for corporate clients. APIM does not apply to users of the portal for corporate clients.

CKI functionalities after CKI3 becomes operational

This past summer, the new central credit information system (CKI), which enables faster processing of screening requests, was successfully launched. This month, the functionality for clearing was implemented as well and we are currently working to create the functionalities ''sterpost'' and rectification. Registration batches are processed in the order by which they come in and reports received via the portal for corporate clients are given priority. Due to the service-driven architecture, there may be some time between the processing and the correct screening process. Read more here.

Update on modifications in CKI debt assistance

We are expecting that the registrations ‘debt assistance' (SH) and ‘restructuring loan' (SK) will be added to the client environment in early November. From 1 February 2022, all new registrations will be recorded in this manner. From that date, it will no longer be possible to enter a registration as ‘SR’. In mid January, we will start converting all existing SR registrations into either debt assistance (SH) or restructuring loan (SK). After the conversion, there will no longer be any SR registrations in the CKI. Read more here.

Switch to our new web service for VIS!

We are closing down our verification identification system (VIS) web service via BKR net. This means it is important that you switch to our new web service as soon as possible. You have until 30 June to switch. We have extended the period following requests for extension from some of our clients. The web service has many advantages. For example, it provides a fraud indicator showing how many times a document has been checked in our VIS in the preceding three weeks. We have also modernised the authentication procedure and are making use of certificates. You can create these certificates by yourself via our portal for corporate clients. Further details can be found in the VIS user manual on the portal for corporate clients. The manual can be downloaded in English as well.

Out of reach on Tuesday 16 November from 3.30 pm

On Tuesday 16 November we will be out of reach from 3.30 pm as our staff will be on a training course. We apologise for any inconvenience. We will be available again on 17 November from 8.30 am.

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