Technical Update November 2022


CKI: Weekly codes 2023

If your organisation has not fully switched to API Management by 1 January 2023, please remember to request weekly codes for 2023. Weekly codes are only available on request and are not sent automatically. If you need weekly codes, please get in touch with the help desk for corporate clients (Customer Service Zakelijk) If you have already requested and received weekly codes, you don't need to take any action. If your organisation only uses the portal for corporate clients, you don't need to take action either.

CKI: Non-resident searches

When requesting a non-resident search, weekly codes will still be needed in 2023. If you need any weekly codes, please get in touch with the help desk for corporate clients (Customer Service Zakelijk)

KYC: Phasing out of Indata interface

The new APIM interface for KYC was built in 2021. Several customers have already switched to this new interface. Now that the interface has proved to work well, the old interface will be terminated. The previously communicated date of 1 January 2023 was not feasible for many users, which is why we have decided that Indata will be terminated on 1 August 2023. From that date, all KYC searches will be run via the new APIM interface. Customers who run KYC searches via the portal for corporate clients don't need to take action.

The ‘standard API’ enables users to run a standard search in three registers: PEP, Sanction and Insolvency. In addition, the ‘advanced matching API’ lets you fine-tune your matching criteria. That way you can determine how a match should be made.

KYC: Testing on the D environment

BKR wants to provide its customers with a full-capability production test environment. That's why we decided to add KYC to the client environment (D environment) from January 2023. The connection and the software can be tested on the D environment, after which it will be easier to switch to the production environment. The D environment is technically and functionally the same as the production environment. On 1 August 2023 the KYC stubs on the production environment will be terminated and testing will only be possible on the D environment.

VIS: Stubs to be terminated on 1 August 2023

At the request of our customers, the VIS (verification identification system) was added to the D environment this year. This makes it easier for CKI clients who also use the VIS to carry out integration tests in the same environment. This means the D environment has become the test environment for users of CKI and VIS services. The stubs for VIS on the product environment will also be terminated on 1 August 2023, and testing will only be possible on the D environment.

VIS: Amendment of passport legislation

Under Dutch passport legislation, the screening of an identification document needs to be traceable to the organisation that carried out the screening. The National Office for Identity Data (RvIG) does not have insight into this information because all screening procedures are carried out by BKR. The RvIG is currently developing new systems, and expects to have these ready from Q2 2023. Once the new systems are in place, a transitional period of 9 months will take effect. The impact is not yet clear, but it goes without saying that BKR will try to limit the impact to a minimum. As soon as we have more information on this, we will let you know.

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