Technical Update November 2021


KYC intelligent matching goes live in January

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to create a new interface for KYC. The interface will enable you to add detailed matching criteria and weight factors to your request message, giving you more influence on the match result. The new interface will be available for clients in January.

KYC webinar

Last month, an invitation for a KYC webinar was sent to our clients and KYC client suppliers. The webinar will be held on Tuesday 30 November from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. If you missed the invitation and would like to attend, please send an email to

Single signals screen: the column ‘Eerder gemeld’ has been replaced by ‘Recidive’

The column ‘Eerder gemeld’ has been replaced by ‘Recidive’. When a signal is reported, the new column shows how many other signals have been reported for that household in the six preceding months. When determining the priority of the signals, the value in this column can be an important factor, alongside the amount of the loan and the type of lender.

Single signals screen: multiple attempted contacts with the debtor per signal

For single signals, you can now add multiple attempted contacts with the debtor. You can create a letter for every attempted contact. In the column ‘Type’, an icon shows what type of communication was last used for an attempted contact with the debtor. If letters were created for one or more of the attempted contacts, the paper-clip icon will appear. Clicking on the paper-clip icon will prompt a pop-up with all the attempted contacts. Letters sent can also be retrieved by way of the pop-up.

Series of VPS webinars

We are organising a series of webinars about the VPS debt registration system (‘Vindplaats van Schulden’) for municipalities and lenders. We informed you about these webinars by email a while ago. The first webinars have already been held and all participants were very positive. During the webinars, we show how the VPS works, its new functionalities and what's in store for the future. We also answer all of your questions. If you’d like to receive more information or attend one of these webinars, please send an email to

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