Technical Update May 2022


CKI: Star items available again from 5 June

Star items will be available again as from 5 June. This means the Credit Register will once again provide an important tool for current registrations. To support clients in this process, we will from now on make the star items file available on a monthly basis, from the 5th of every month.

These items concern agreements whose expected maturity (theoretical final redemption date) will expire within 28 days. In some cases, these items have been fully paid by the consumer but an actual final date (actual final redemption date) still needs to be entered. In other cases, the agreement will continue to be valid for a while, but the theoretical final redemption date needs to be reset to a new date in the future. And in some cases the consumer has run into payment arrears, but this has not yet been reported.

The star items file can be downloaded via the portal for corporate clients and via system-2-system. This is a different procedure than we used to apply. We will make the star items file available in both systems. Please make sure you download the file only once. You will also receive the file once a month instead of once every two months. This higher frequency will give you more insight into current registrations. The star items file always contains a current list of all star items. So please make sure you always use the most recent version of the star items file when reviewing and processing star items. This way you avoid processing items that you already processed the month before. If you are processing star items via the portal for corporate clients, we will make the star items available to you right away by way of a follow-up report. You can sort the follow-up reports for star items in any order you wish, so you can adapt the list to your own way of working. The CKI manual has been updated to reflect the new method for star items.

VPS (finding place for debts): Extension of the ‘No action needed’ list for municipalities

We have added three new options to the current list named No action needed in the Single alerts screen:
a. Known to SHV (debt assistance). This means the debtor is being helped by a municipal debt assistance programme
b. Already known. The debtor has been helped before and is therefore known to the municipality.
c. Already paid. The debtor has paid the payment arrears for which an alert had been given.

VPS: Reporting the death of a debtor to lenders by municipalities

If a municipality reports the death of a debtor with a payment arrears alert, the VPS (finding place for debts) will report this to the lender who reported the said alert. This enables the lender to process the debtor's death right away.

VPS: Different view in List of files and Single alerts screens for municipalities

In the List of files and Single alerts screens, the standard view for the period (Current month) was not always presented correctly. This resulted in screens showing no alerts when there were no alerts for the municipality in that period. We have solved this problem.

VPS: Improved layout for List of files and Single alerts screens

We have adjusted width of the columns in order to improve the visibility of names of streets and towns. This has made the List of files and Single alerts screens easier to read. The columns for the names of streets and/or towns adjust automatically if more space is needed.

VPS: Names of streets and/or towns added if not provided

If a lender reports an alert without supplying the name of the street and/or town, the VPS automatically adds these based on the postal code/house number which are required for all alert reports.

VIS (verification identification system): Tests in the client environment

As from 28 April, the VIS can be accessed from the client environment (BKR’s test environment). As a result, the CKI and VIS can be tested in one and the same environment. This environment is technically and functionally equivalent to the production environment. Instructions on how to access the client environment can be found on the portal for corporate clients. The portal also provides the VIS user manual.

VIS: VIS webservice via BKR net to be closed down next month

On 30 June, we will be closing down the VIS webservice via the BKR network. From that date, a system-to-system VIS test can only be carried out via our new digital access system, the Identity and Access Management System. VIS tests via the portal for corporate clients will continue to work in the same manner. Please make sure you switch on time if you want to keep using the VIS. If your organisation cannot implement the switch before 30 June, you will be able to use the portal for corporate clients to run VIS tests.

General: Out of reach on Thursday afternoon, 9 June, from 3.30 pm

On Thursday 9 June we will not be available for telephone calls from 3.30 pm as our staff will be on a training course. We apologise for any inconvenience. We will be available again on Friday 10 June from 8:30 am.

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