CKI functionalities after CKI3 becomes operational

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This past summer, we were able to launch the new CKI successfully without any major problems. The availability of the systems proved to be as designed. The new system is able to process screening requests faster than the old system did. We are currently working to create a deployment without downtime, in order to reduce the number of service windows.

This month, the functionality for clearing was launched. This means BKR now automatically clears agreements with expired retention periods every night instead of once a month.

We are currently working to create the functionalities 'sterpost' and rectification. We expect to have the functionality star posts available by the end of the year and rectification in the first quarter of 2022. This is later than what was communicated a while ago.

BKR also receives questions about the processing of registration batches. Some clients use a screening process to check that the registration has been processed accurately. Batches are processed in the order by which they come in, and registration reports made via the portal for corporate clients are given priority over BKR net reports. If we report that a batch has been processed accurately, it means the reports have been recorded in the event store. Given that the new CKI runs on a service-driven architecture, this does not mean that all databases have been updated immediately. There may be some time between the report ‘processing in the event store’ and the correct screening process.


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