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Frequently asked questions (EN)

If you want to change your registration because it contains an error or because you disagree with it, please contact your credit provider. They can check whether your registration is justified and, where necessary, modify or remove the registration.

We're sorry to hear your credit application has been rejected. As long as you have a good track record on payments, a BKR registration can be to your advantage. If you are running several months behind on payments, a credit provider will report that to us. Credit providers use our information to decide whether or not to grant you credit, but we are not the one making that decision. So if you disagree with the decision, please contact your credit provider.

You can request us to give you access to your online credit summary . This is an up-to-date summary of the data we have in our records concerning you. Access to your registration is free of charge.

If you are requesting access for the first time, we will ask you to provide your identification in order to ensure you get the data safely. For this purpose, we use the iDIN identification method. This is a service provided by banks that lets you identify yourself at other organisations using your bank's secure and trusted login tools.

Would you prefer regular post?
If your bank is not on the list or if you prefer receiving your registration details by post, please use this application form. Complete the form online, print it and send it to us with a copy of your identity card. We do not need your citizen service number or photo, so please cover those. Our address is mentioned on the form. We will send you the credit summary by post.

All credits in excess of €250 with a term of over one month are registered at BKR. If you have a commercial credit worth more than €1,000 for which you are personally liable, it will be registered at BKR as well.

More information about registered credits

If anything happens during the term of your credit, we will be informed as well:
• You are running behind on payments.
• You have caught up on your payment arrears.
• Other details, for instance repayment of your loan has been demanded.

Our records of payment arrears depend on the type of credit you have.

The following types of credit are not registered at BKR:
• Student loans
• Loans from friends or relatives
• Mortgage on your home. However, if you are in arrears on you mortgage payments, this is reported to BKR.
• Payment arrears at tax authorities, energy suppliers, housing corporations and health insurers.

Your registration will be kept in our records for as long as your credit runs. Once you have fully repaid the credit and the credit provider reports that your credit has been terminated, your data will be kept in our records for another 5 years. If anything happened during the term of your credit, for example you were in arrears on payments for a while, this will be kept in our records for 5 years as well.

We used the details you sent us to search for your current and terminated credits. We did not find any details concerning you in our records. In other words, your details are ‘unknown', which means you probably don't have any outstanding credit or payment arrears.

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